Welcome to Capoeira Topazio Australia!

Our Mission: To teach this beautiful art, to help kids and adults have a healthier lifestyle.

We hope to Share our Passion and have a Positive impact to the Community.


We are conveniently located in both busy Sydney and Melbourne CBD’s. Come and join us and share the axe’!

Mission: Getting Aussie kids to be Active & Fit, while having fun.

To Share our passion, culture and Brazilian martial arts.


For Capoeira interactive workshops this will include:

  • Stretching, Cardio & exercise (running)
  • Basic Capoeira movements
  • Music & Singing
  • Playing capoeira to end the class (in the circle playing and singing – 2 players in the middle at a time)


Capoeira blends the elements of music, dance, martial arts, and acrobatics. It’s a Fun way for kids keep active!

Capoeira Classes


Everyone is Welcome! No Martial Art or Dance experience necessary. Capoeira is easy, it will keep you fit & toned while having FUN!

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Child Friendly Classes


Capoeira helps kids increase their self-confidence, fitness, flexibility & rhythm. It teaches them discipline, respect & teamwork while having FUN !

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A High Energy, Soulful and Passionate Entertainment. Filled with exotic performers, feathers, glitz & glam, Experience the beautiful Brazil Carnival with Topazio entertainment.


With beautiful exotic Samba girls, Energetic Batucada drums and breathtaking Capoeira. Topazio Brazil Show is renowned for our amazing Acrobats and Capoeiristas ! Led by Mestre Formiguinha himself, highlights from performances in Broadway New York, SYTYCD & X-Factor Australia.

Studio Hire

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